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Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame Award Winners!!

Lee Franconia Football League (LFFL) is proud to announce 3 award recipients from our program who were honored by the Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame.

Kristin Shifflett (MINIS Coach), Lauren Williams (SENIORS Cheerleader) and Tyler Johnson (100C Football Player).   

Kristin, Lauren and Tyler were recognized on Sunday, March 2, at the Northern VA Football Hall of Fame banquet in McLean, VA.  Go to http://www.fcyfl.org/ to see the full list of winners.

Player and cheerleader awards are based upon leadership, program dedication, conduct, character, and scholastic, as well as athletic achievements.

Congratulations to all three of you -- LFFL Cheerleading is so proud of the athletes and coaches that represent us!!!

Kristin Shifflett, aka Coach Kristin, is the sole cheerleader selected to receive the 2014 Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame Scholarship. The Hall of Fame awards four $1500 scholarships to seniors from local-area high schools -- 3 football players and 1 cheerleader.

Kristin was notified on February 3 that she was selected to receive the cheerleader scholarship. Applicants are many, and the competition is fierce amongst graduating high school cheerleaders. The selection process is rigorous, as the selection committee pours over many applications to find the one that stands out. Strong character traits, academics, and extensive community service is required. The winner must also have been a former FCYFL cheerleader who continues to volunteer  with an FCYFL member program.

Kristin cheered many years ago with LFFL, and cheered at Edison HS before transferring to Trinity Christian School (TCS) . She cheers on the Varsity squad at TCS, having been a Flyer and now a Base. We already knew what the selection committee eventually discovered.....Coach Kristin is a wonderful role model, student, athlete and a simply AWESOME person!!!

Kristin is trying to decide between William and Mary, Virginia Tech, Christopher Newport University or George Mason University. No matter where she attends, that university will be lucky to have her join their incoming Class of 2018. We hope Kristin will continue volunteering with us as her schedule allows.


Lauren Williams is one of 5 cheerleaders selected as the 2014 Cheerleader of the Year by the Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame.

Lauren was notified of the award on January 5, and joins an elite group of rec-league cheerleaders from all over Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties. The Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame (formerly called the Fairfax County Hall of Fame) recognizes cheerleaders who embody a host of characteristics -- elite cheerleading skills, strong academics, community service and leadership skills.

Lauren joined LFFL Cheerleading in 2012, and cheered on "SENIORS-Black Ice" squad in 2013. Lauren is a talented dancer, and possesses a strong aptitude for tumbling and stunting. Lauren is usually a Base. She was the point jumper and executed the last tumbling pass for Black Ice during the 2013 Performance Day routine. Lauren is off to high school in Fall 2014, where she hopes to pursue both cheerleading and dance, as well as come back to volunteer with LFFL Cheerleading, assisting our youngest athletes.

While Football has enjoyed many past Hall of Fame recognition of players and coaches, Cheerleading is so proud to add Kristin and Lauren to that list. Our Vice Cheerleading Commissioner, Dymond Cooper, was selected as Cheerleader of the Year in 2008 and is the sole 2012 cheerleader scholarship recipient. We hope our list of recipients continues to grow over time!! 

Lee Franconia Football League is very proud of all of its amazing athletes, coaches and volunteers and honored to serve the community.

Backhandspring instruction


Below are local gyms that offer group tumbling instruction,  private lessons and open gym for individual practice. Tumbling instruction provides LFFL with stronger athletes and prepares the cheerleader for opportunities in the future such as high school and competitive cheerleading. It is also a good core exercise that aides with other sports.


Cheer Tyme Fairfax (formerly known as Infinity) – (Merrifield)
E-mail: [email protected]   Telephone: 703-208-1459

 2940A Prosperity Ave.,  Fairfax, VA 22031

Owners: Kim and Crasher


Afficial All-Starz (Alexandria, near UPS & Van Dorn metro)

Email: [email protected]

5226 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA    Telephone:  571-482-0825

Owner: Deonte Sharpe



Cheer Tyme Chantilly

Email: [email protected]     Telephone: 703-376-8625

14110 Sulleyfield Circle, Chantilly, VA 20151

Owners: Kim and Crasher



All-Star Legacy  (Ashburn & Manassas)
  MANASSAS FACILITY 9402 Center Point Lane, Manassas, VA 20110
  Phone:  703-444-6002 

   ASHBURN FACILITY  44600 Guildford Drive Suite 120, Ashburn, VA 20147
  Telephone:  703-444-6002  

Owner: Trisha Hart



Capital Gymnastics (Burke)

10400 Premier Court  Burke, Virginia 22015
Telephone: 703-239-0044 or 703-239-0046

-Ask for: CJ Tribble


Dancesensations (Hayfield area)


7572 Telegraph Road, Alexandria VA

across from Hayfield Secondary School



Terry's School of Dance (Woodlawn area)


8730 Richmond Highway Alexandria VA 22309


LFFL Cheerleading Favorites:






EATING FOR ENERGY http://cheerleading.about.com/od/healthandfitness/l/bltips_eating.htm


"As in any sport, diet and nutrition are important to Cheerleaders. A proper diet can help build strong muscles, keep your mind alert, give you energy and enhance your performance. Simply said, 'Food fuels your body and mind'."


A sample of what to eat before, during and after you perform at a game or on the mat:


What to Eat and When

  • Before
    • Eat foods like bread, pasta, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Carbohydrates are digested quickly and provide glucose to the muscles.
  • During
    • Drink plenty of water - at least a half of cup of water for every twenty minutes of exercise or strenuous activity.
    • If your activity is hard and continuous, over 90 minutes, drink a sports beverage like Gatorade or Powerade.
  • After
    • Eat proteins like meats, nuts, dairy products and eggs.
    • Replace carbohydrates if your activity was long and exerting.
    • Replace any potassium or sodium that has been lost during competition or training by eating fruits, vegetables and salty foods.
    • Continue to replace fluids.


Knowing what foods your body needs for energy will payoff in your athletic accomplishments. Eat smart and you'll perform better.